Sister Schubert's

Twelve Pans or Bags


Choice of any two of the following items: Parker House Rolls, Wheat Yeast Rolls, Dinner Yeast Rolls, Soft Dinner Rolls, Sweet Hawaiian Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls or Sausage Wrap Rolls. Sister Schubert’s Sausage Rolls are not available to order online April through October due to the heat of the summer months. You can find them year-round in your grocer’s freezer section.

All pan products are 16 rolls per pan.


Item Quantity
Cinnamon Rolls - 16 count
Parkerhouse Rolls - 16 count
Pre Baked Wheat Dinner Yeast Rolls - 10 count
Pre Baked Dinner Yeast Rolls - 10 count
Soft Dinner Rolls - 8 count
Sweet Hawaiian Rolls - 8 count
Total selected /
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